Video: Exploring Down Street Ghost Station

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Video: Exploring Down Street Ghost Station

We descended into the bowels of Down Street Underground, a station which closed its doors to passengers in 1932. Here's the video of our subterranean voyage, in which Geoff Marshall discovers stairs that haven't been used for decades, a World War Two typing pool... and is that Winston Churchill's old bath?

Last Updated 17 October 2016

Dave K

Thanks Geoff, another interesting peek behind the closed doors! I'd love to have a nosey about, i hope if it does get reused that some of the feel of the old station remains. Tours would be a good idea :)


Love these videos. And somewhat jealous!

Hobart Calling

Brilliant stuff as always, Geoff. No doubt TfL will do very nicely out of the redevelopment project given its location! And if not approved for commercial reuse then maybe the London Transport Museum could take it over and deck it out as it was during the Second World War like the Cabinet War Rooms. I am sure tourists (and Tube spotters!) would absolutely love it.


Only saw this now, such an interesting video, thank you! I love London tube (so much so that I made a video of it,
would love to have a chance to explore the deserted stations.