Video: Paddington Basin's Incredible Bridges

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Video: Paddington Basin's Incredible Bridges

Paddington Basin is home to two very special bridges, both doubling up as pedestrian crossings and as (quite literally) moving pieces of public art. The Fan Bridge gracefully splays as it rises, while the Rolling Bridge (conceived by Thomas Heatherwick) curls itself up into a ball like a shy caterpillar.

Both bridges 'perform' on Wednesday and Friday at 12noon (fan first, then rolling) and Saturday afternoons at 2pm, so next time you're in the area, go and catch the show.

Londonist is proud to be working with Paddington Partnership on a project to reveal the secrets, surprises, gems, wildlife, heritage and culture around Paddington.

Featured image by Sean Batten in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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Last Updated 13 January 2016

mark stringer

They could have cleaned the canal first!!


I think these bridges are about as reliable as your typical Tube lift :-)

Lindsey Berthoud

Great camera angles from the bridges!

Lee Wilshire

Both sadly a bit pointless from a canal perspective as neither of the areas they raise to allow access to are actually accessible if you are in a boat as there are underwater barrages.

Anita Morris

would have been good to add the rolling bridge performs at 2pm and the fan at 2.15. on a Saturday. Wed and Friday at 12 and 12.15.