Secret Cinema To Recreate Star Wars In London This Summer

By Stuart Black Last edited 39 months ago
Secret Cinema To Recreate Star Wars In London This Summer

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After their complicated and much-delayed immersive screening of Back To The Future last summer, you might think Secret Cinema would scale things back a wee bit, but in a defiant show of chutzpah they're now aiming for about as ambitious a project as you can imagine. From 4 June they'll be putting on The Empire Strikes Back in a secret London location.

It'll be interesting to see how they recreate the frozen wastes of Hoth (maybe the walk-in fridge at Smithfield meat market?) or the floaty atmospherics of Cloud City (the underused cable car?), or the Death Star itself (ah, surely the laser-powered Walkie Talkie). Actually, the more we think about it, the more we think London can easily stand in for a galaxy far far away (well, they did film them all in Elstree).

Tickets go on sale on 18 March at 1pm — and there'll be a bit of competition, so in all probability you'll have to use the force if you want one.

Last Updated 11 March 2015


I would love this to be a success... but have had mixed experiences with Secret Cinema in the past. Will it be worth stumping up £50 plus costume costs?


The Death Star isn't in TESB.

Geoff Marshall

The Death Star in London is the Jubilee Line part of Westminster tube.

Jamie McKay-Haynes

Why not save money Secret Cinema, and recreate Dagobah by simply screening it on the tube during rush hour in late August.


It was nothing but a glorified street food market at BTTF. No interaction, just shop after shop. They don't give you seats then sell seats. They take your phone then sell you cameras. They had website addresses on things, people in Superdry clothing, Virgin Atlantic... with the John Lewis backdrop of course. Nothing immersive. The toilets were an utter disgrace. They never did give an explanation they promised on the cancellation, and people didn't even good booking fees refunded (let alone all the people that put in travel costs etc.) They constantly ignore customer enquiries. Complete disrespect.

Time and money are finite... there are so many more deserving and more rewarding things to do. Visit BAC and help them recover (they're back in operation one day after a fire, Secret Cinema could learn a lot!). Try Door in the Wall for fun immersive murder mysteries. Try out the Zombile apocalypse event. Escape room games. Check out the entire Vaults Festival, and soon the Alice in Wonderland production. So much choice...