London 'Night Tube' Start Date Announced

Ruth Hargreaves
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London 'Night Tube' Start Date Announced
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Update: Night Tube starts on 19 August 2016. For more of our coverage on this, see here.

Last year, the Mayor of London pledged London would receive a 24-hour tube service on weekends, and blow us over with a doner kebab, the start date has finally been announced: 12 September 2015.

From the early hours of Saturday 12 September, the ‘Night Tube’ service will begin, transporting London travellers around some parts of the network through the night on Fridays and Saturdays, ending the night bus woes of many.

With night bus usage having apparently risen by 270% since 2000, a 24-hour tube would help alleviate the pressure on the buses as well as cut night-time journeys by an average of 20 minutes, TfL says.

The Night Tube service will visit all stops on the Jubilee and Victoria lines, as well as most of the Piccadilly, Central and Northern Lines (see here for a map). There are plans to expand the service across other lines in the coming years.

The Northern Line scoops the most frequent service, with eight trains per hour throughout the night, while the remaining lines will be served by six trains per hour through central London.

The Rugby World Cup is set to be the Night Tube’s first big test, as an expected 400,000 overseas visitors are set to descend on the capital between 18 September-31 October 2015 for the sporting event. How do you think we'll fare?

Last Updated 12 August 2016

Christopher Leonard

New York and Chicago have always had 24/7 transport. Id rather be in a station in winter than waiting for a late bus on the street.

Andy Potter

Trying to get my head around the numbers. End to end on the Northern Line is 1Hr 6 Minutes meaning if there is 8 trains an hour then they need 18 drivers (both directions). Assuming similar numbers for the other lines your looking at perhaps 200 additional 'shifts' of 6-8 hours on a Sunday morning. I doubt they will employ part time drivers, so assuming the working hours are about 9 hours a day / 5 days a week TFL need to train?.... I give up. But seriously, 1 year?! It takes about 24 hours to train a bus driver and they have to deal with many many more potential hazards.


So no weekend maintenance on those affected lines I take it.

Nuts Pub Crawl London

here is a good news we will be able to party even more

Kim Elizabeth

Where's the map??!

Katja Avant-Hard

Berlin does it just fine, and everyone is happy!

Samuel Ashdown

24hr holborn to home (stratford). Fuck yeah!

Gino Topini

Opening of night service is not the 12 Sep 2015 any more... unfortunately has been delayed until mid-autumn... my source is this italian website: