Visit The Bethnal Green Felt Cornershop

Frozen chips, Hobnobs, KY Jelly…all the produce at this new Bethnal Green cornershop is handmade from felt. Geoff Marshall pays a visit and speaks to Lucy Sparrow, whose handiwork this is.

The Cornershop is at 19 Wellington Row, Bethnal Green E2 7BB until 31 August, 10am-7pm. It’s free to visit, and you can even reserve items for purchase at the end of the exhibition. Listen to our extended interview with Lucy on Londonist Out Loud.

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  • bob

    wow one shop that only sells copyrighted and trademarked items , guess that wont be open long

    • Geoff Marshall

      correct. it’s only open (as per the copy above) until the end of August. it’s an art installation, not a genuine ‘shop’. the video should have kinda made that obvious.

  • petrov

    This kinda thing makes me totes sad, innit, “ok wookat ow wuverly luberly cutesy tootsie novel this pointless thing is…”

    • susan_t

      On that basis you’ll probably need to dispose of 90+% of everything you own: Almost everyone makes informed choices when shopping, and almost everything we buy is above and beyond an elementary basic standard that we’d actually need – we buy into brands and lifestyle choices.Take the baked beans sold in the felt shop – edible Heinz baked beans are the best known of the brands, and hugely popular. The fact you could probably get by with a significantly cheaper brand. I very much doubt you’d want to live in Mao
      Zedong’s post WWII Communist Revolution China, dressed in a standard uniform that almost everyone else in the country was wearing – that’s what you’re implying.Yes, the items in the felt shop
      are unnecessary, but so is almost everything you buy: very little of
      what we all buy is of a basic standard that we could quite easily get by