TICKET ALERT: Ascend The BT Tower

The BT Tower — known as the Post Office Tower in a previous life — has been closed to the public for over 30 years, since the end of the vertigo-inducing restaurant at the top.

On 9 October, for one night only, there is a rare chance for the public to take a trip to the revolving viewing platform on the 34th floor, and enjoy the panoramic view, while supping on a glass of bubbly and nibbling on a cupcake.

Tickets are £50 and can be booked here. The event is raising funds for RedR, an international humanitarian organisation which trains people in disaster-prone areas in lifesaving skills. Under 4s can go free, but contact the organiser directly to arrange a place.

When booking, there is a choice of four time slots, on the hour from 7pm – 10pm, ensuring that everyone gets at least 45 minutes to enjoy the view of London at night.

*UPDATE*: The event has now sold out. To be added to the waiting list, email events@redr.org.uk.

An evening at the BT Tower takes place on 9 October. Tickets are £50 and need to be prebooked.

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  • Simon

    Is it true that because the tower was built by Act of Parliament (the GPO being a state institution at the time) the lift and platform are a public right of way, and the current operator BT should be granting admission to the public on a regular basis, not just on the whimsical basis it does?

    • hostile_17

      That sounds nonsensical to me. That would imply that anything built by the government grants some right of way. It doesn’t. It’s also owned by BT, so is private property.

      • Simon

        No, because not all government buildings were built with observation decks; the legislation was put in place to cover the fact that the deck was there. The question of ownership does not necessarily negate the existence of the Act/ right of way – most rights of way are on someone’s land after all.

        • https://www.flickr.com/photos/hoosiersands HoosierSands

          Rights of way to where? The stratosphere?

  • hostile_17

    “Glass of fizz” (from the site in question). I hate the person who ever decided to use this stupid word to describe any generic liquid in a glass. If it’s £50, at least say what the hell attendees are getting.

  • https://soundcloud.com/inhead-kay/ Kay

    £1 per minute. That’s about right for London. Not hating since its for a nice cause, but really, we should make much better use of such a lovely London icon, its about time….

  • andrea andreis

    50 pounds????????

  • Dave K

    Cheaper to go up the Shard, not that I’d pay £25 to go up that either.

    • hostile_17

      But Shard doesn’t go to charity. Or close for 30 years.

  • Lia Lucia

    The email above – events@redr.org.uk – doesn’t work! :(