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In Pictures: Hackney Wicked

In Pictures: Hackney Wicked

East London's hipster community came out in force at the weekend as artists all over Hackney opened up their studios and galleries and took performance art - and lethal home-made cocktails -  outside to the people.

Hackney Wicked, which has been running for eight years, involved over 600 artist studios showing their work, a lot of drinking, and alternative types soaking up the sunshine around the wishfully-named Hackney Wick ‘Riviera’ – aka the canals by Fish Island and Swan Wharf.

Gentrification may be sweeping into this once dirt-cheap swathe of the East End but the artists who've been here for years were clearly determined to celebrate the fact that they are still around despite rising rents. And clearly, the alternative spirit is still relatively wild and untamed.

Our highlights included a man in high heels lugging a fridge around for four hours, a procession of masked men on ‘anchovy alert’ and the Hackney Swingers Club (no, not an orgy, just people having fun on swings).

All photos by Day Priestly - check out his video of the festival:


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yeah it used to be an artist festival, this year more hipsters had taken over- but we strove to show art any way.


Yeah I think the idea that this is an art festival has actually died - it's now just another excuse for a load of hipsters in their uniform of vintage and ironic clothing to hang about drinking and take some selfies in front of graffiti and industrial backdrops. It's a million miles away from the festival in it's early days when people actually came here to view the art and not to buy some overpriced cocktails.


I loved the mobile musicians in funny costumes that did gameboy kind of music with drums! Unfortunately I left for food and when I came back they were gone! I was so sad!! Who were they? Does anybody know??


"a procession of masked and unmasked male and female humans on ‘anchovy alert’" I'll have you know. Also we're not 'hipsters' but then again what hipster would ever admit it? :D


Seemed to be far fewer studios open then previous years (and of those a lot more vanity artists) but a nice enough day anyway.


The guy on the big picture has a nice t-shirt - it says "I'm from Poland, bitch" ;)

(they've changed it now)