East London To Get An All-Asian Shopping Mall

East Shopping Centre 12 (2)

An artist’s impression of the new shopping centre.

East London is to get an all-Asian shopping mall — (debatably) touted as Europe’s first — when East Shopping Centre opens in October.

Currently being built on Green Street in Newham, it will comprise 35 two-storey units, a 17-unit souk (for smaller traders), and a large food court.

Developers hope that East Shopping Centre — built on the site of a former bus depot — will generate up to 200 new jobs, as well as add further Asian shops to the area, which already features a large number of jewellery, Asian clothing and similar stores, catering to the predominantly South Asian population.

A spokesperson from ACR Investments Ltd, which is spearheading the project, said:

“Green Street is already a major hub for people to shop for clothes, food, accessories and everything in between.

“Our aim is for East Shopping Centre to enhance the street’s appeal and expand on this vibrant shopping destination by attracting new consumers and businesses.”

As yet, it’s undisclosed which traders have signed leases for East Shopping Centre, although those in jewellery and fashion are tipped to feature prominently. A panoply of Asian cuisine (which the area already knows a thing or two about) will sate hungry shoppers.

East Shopping Centre will use solar panels to supplement electricity supply, and flow restrictors and harvesters to help conserve water.

The last major mall to spring up in east London was Westfield Stratford City, which opened in 2011, and is the third-largest shopping centre in the UK.

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  • Guest

    First? Doesn’t the (now defunct) Yaohan Plaza count?

    • nevermind

      Doesnt bethnal green act as something?

  • Somersetchris

    Has everyone forgotten Oriental City already?

    • MattFromLondonist

      We certainly haven’t. Linked up under ‘debatedly’.

      • Somersetchris

        Sorry. I did not try the link

    • anish kotecha

      Yes oriental city this is going to be completely different. It will be an extension of green street but higher market goods.

  • Aleksa Sansom


  • Aaron Smith

    Will there be an All Caucasian one following too??

    • lisa

      Westfield, ilford exchange, romford mall the list is endless :) alternately you could engage brain and realise that all people are welcome regardless of rave or culture

      • Phoenix

        Lisa just schooled Aaron.

      • Mr_Ominous

        Those shopping centres you list are generic in their content and attract a diverse range of people. They are not aimed at a particular ethnicity. It is doubtful that this new Asian shopping centre will attract a diverse cliental but will help to facilitate segregation.

        • That Guy from the North

          Hi, white guy currently living in East London here. Just because you wouldn’t think of visiting a place like this, please don’t assume the same of us all.

          I can’t understand half the comments on this article. Around here, you’ll be sure to stumble across plenty of Asian shopping streets. They’re a part of life. Entire blocks of glass-fronted shops showcasing brilliantly-coloured saris, lychees and mangos in buckets outside every grocer. And guess what? Everybody buys it all. You’re certainly not turned away due to being white. Sure, it’ll hold a particular significance for people from the culture, but the “discrimination!” hue and cry is only going to be raised by those living far, far away.

          It’s like saying Chinatown is racist, for Christ’s sake. Yes, it’s a themed place, but pandan cake is delicious – you all should calm down and try some!

  • Nadia Gmati Mensi

    is this mall close to hammersmith

    • FJP

      Not unless they’ve moved Newham.

      Or the East.

    • Ronnie May

      The district line (green line) will get you there in about 30-40 minutes.

  • Aaron

    Love the food. But, being caucasian, that means I cannot rent a shop there? That’s not possible is it? That would be racism. And racism is wrong.

    • Tracey Jane

      i was thinkin that, or shop staff.

    • Miss James

      I think they mean Asian produce and clothes. Although I bet there will be the off unit which will sell the market stall “English” clothing tat.

  • guest

    Green street market has a predominately asian culture, so this not a shock to the area, newham or east london. This for me seems to be an improvement from what it already is. Good job!

  • anish kotecha

    Dear all it is not about colour or race. It is about what would that shop sell. There have already been high street stores who want a store, but it’s meant to be a asain wedding/asain fashion boutique. If what you wanted to open works towards that, then more than likely you would get a store

  • ClairePW

    Am I missing something? Where does it say that this shopping centre is for Caucasians only?? Like someone else said, it’s clear that it’s an extension of Green Street, which sells mainly Asian goods! Some people need to get a life!

  • J. Thomas

    It doesn’t create jobs or help the economy. Canada has one and only foreigner immigrant Chinese work at them.

  • Daniel Johnson

    Why do we need an all-asian mall; isn’t it potentially inflammatory towards certain groups in our society? Would it not be better to call it ‘asian-themed’ in the interests of inclusiveness?

  • Nevermind

    What the..

  • Ludafeju

    There are two in Budapest, Hungary, one of them called Asia Center (http://www.asiacenter.hu/ ). Although “asian” there means China/Korea/Vietnam etc and not India/Pakistan/B’desh.

    Also, there is one in Malmö, Sweden, called Rosengård Centrum