Signage At London Aquatics Centre Is Already Falling Apart

By Stuart Black Last edited 46 months ago
Signage At London Aquatics Centre Is Already Falling Apart

We love Zaha Hadid's Olympic swimming pool in Stratford. We love its sinuous curves and swooping roof like a great flounder frozen in mid belly-flop. We love it's welcoming staff, easy access and surprisingly cheap ticket price (£3:50 before 5pm). But, sad to say, the people responsible for the pool's signage need to be dunked in the deep end. After only a few short months since the building first opened to the public - the signs inside are already falling apart. Can someone explain please: what exactly is the 'dving pool'?

Perhaps you'd expect a little wear and tear in a normal municipal swimming bath, but this is a state-of-the-art £269 million building - and it's only been open since March. What will swimmers find next: the 'hanging room' perhaps?

We trust the problem will be put right soon and that it doesn't imply the entire building is about to fall apart. Hopefully, the utopian splendor of London's best ever swimming pool wont be compromised for long. It would be a real shame if Tom Daley had to take his budgie smugglers somewhere else.

Last Updated 08 July 2014


As long as the changing rooms have CCTV cameras ogling down the ceiling I guess all is fine.

Christiane Link

When I went to the wheelchair accessible loo in the stadium on the night of Paralympics closing ceremony, some tiles came off the wall already. :)


We reviewed the design and were critical of the scheme for 3d signage as it susceptible to being picked or brushed off (bags on shoulders). It appears our fears were justified. The designer (ZHA) were adamant that the fixings would be tamper proof. They were more interested in aesthetic than the practicalities and the operator would be justified to make a claim for the signage to be replaced with a decal, as per our recommendation.