Royal Owned London

The Oval -- all owned by royals. Photo by Kris in the Londonist Flickr pool.

The Oval — all owned by royals. Photo by Kris in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Ever wondered how much of London the Royal Family owns? We did too, so we put together this map. It’s everything we could find that has its ultimate ownership with the Crown or a member of the Royal Family — this information hasn’t been that easy to track down so some areas are a bit vague, and we have no doubt we’ve missed something off. If you know better, please enlighten us in the comments.

Actual ownership is also a bit fuzzy. What’s known as The Crown Estate is land and property belonging to ‘the Sovereign’ — the Queen isn’t the personal owner, plus The Crown Estate is a public body and the surplus money goes to the Treasury. In return, the monarch gets money from the Civil List. The Crown Estate manages part of the portfolio, the Royal Parks Agency runs the parks, Historic Royal Palaces runs the palaces that aren’t used by the Royal Family — the Tower of London, Hampton Court, the Banqueting House, Kew and the public bits of Kensington Palace, and the Royal Household runs the occupied palaces.

The Duchy of Lancaster belongs to the Sovereign and provides income for the reigning monarch. It owns the Savoy Estate, which includes the historic Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy, but as for other property? In early 2012 Ian Visits went to Hadley Wood and Tower Bridge Business Park to see the other bits of the portfolio, but now the Urban Survey makes no mention of anything in London other than the Savoy Estate. We’re wondering whether the challenging market mentioned in the Duchy’s 2013 annual report (PDF) has resulted in them being flogged off.

The Prince of Wales’s Duchy of Cornwall owns 15.7 hectares of Greater London, comprising 39 residential properties and 18 commercial properties. Can we find out where those properties are? No, we can not.

Click through to the Google map to see the full key, and some of the smaller bits that don’t show up on the zoomed-out version — spot the warehouse currently let to Carlsberg as a distribution centre.

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  • GM1

    immmm are you sure about that? I work for the management company and this would be news to our clients lol

  • Neil

    The Queen no longer recieves funds from the Civil List, instead she receives a percentage of the profits of the Crown Estate (15%). This has resulted in the annual sum paid to the Monarch increasing of late (of course this could also decrease if the profits decline.)

  • dms0001

    what ever they receive, it’s to much and what ever they own is to much. It was after all, taken by force from the plebs, commoners, wasn’t it. She is after all, already the wealthiest woman on the planet, why does she need more? because she can get it and will do so for as long as you mugs allow them to.

  • dgbdgb

    Are you sure that the Crown owns Primrose Hill? I know it is managed by the Royal Parks, but I believe it is owned by the government (one of the oddities – and I believe Brompton Cemetery is similar owned by the Government, but also managed by the Royal Parks). Cheers, Dave

  • rogette

    As I remember it, Prince Charles’ estate owns some Georgian terraces near Paddington Station.A place where servants etc.were lodged to be near the station and on call when the Royals went on rail journeys. Some years ago they were squatted due to being empty and run-down, and that’s when it transpired whom they belonged to. And the ensuing scandal about empty properties, people needing housing etc..

  • anonymous

    What about Windsor castle?

  • godwyns

    Well, not quite sure what the benefits of owning Hyde Park or cemeteries are but hey, being a named-dog, shouldnt be done for free? So, they get the flak – as it is on this article & comments, not to think of other worse ones – and they enjoy the payment. The good thing is, at least, we live in a country where this sort of research and article can happen… better than what I hear of North Korea. If you give me Richmond Park, I wont accept the offer without being paid… and handsomely too; would you? But yea, we could run and election and find a president… ummm; Clegg? Farage? Cameron? Me may be. And I’d make a damn good President cos I’m a cyclist too. Vote for me!

  • Philip Brown

    Every public road or right of way within Greater London is also part of ‘Royal Owned London’ as together they form part of the Queen’s Highway.