Avoid 'Card Clash' With The RFID Card Guard

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Avoid 'Card Clash' With The RFID Card Guard

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Go Travel.

Card Guard Lifestyle JPGUse a contactless payment card and an Oyster Card? Avoid getting double-charged with Go Travel's RFID Card Guard.

Contactless payment technology has arrived in London, allowing you to quickly and conveniently pay for purchases at many shops, chains, restaurants and cafes just by holding your debit or credit card against an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) scanner.

It is also accepted on all London buses, while the tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services in London will be joining the scheme later this year.

It’s handy. It’s fast. But it’s not without its problems. For Londoners, one such problem is how can you avoid ‘card clash’ with your Oyster Card?

This is where two cards get recognised by the scanner at the same time, a problem the RFID Card Guard from Go Travel solves. Say, for example, you like to keep your Oyster Card and contactless debit/credit card together in your wallet. When you ‘touch in’, a few problems could occur:

  • The reader doesn’t know which card you want to use, so you get a red light and can’t proceed
  • The reader recognises both of your cards, and charges both
  • The reader recognises only one card, but not the one you wanted to use

Reorganising the way you carry your cards is inconvenient, but there’s a simpler solution at hand. The new RFID Card Guard fits neatly over any contactless payment card and prevents an RFID scanner from picking up its data.

Card Guard Lifestyle 2 JPG

Lightweight and slim-line, just pop it in front of your debit/credit card and its data is instantly blocked, meaning you can ‘touch-in’ knowing only your Oyster Card will be charged. Problem solved.

With London’s buses now being cashless, the RFID Card Guard has even more use. Avoid duplicate payments, avoid unwanted charges and most of all, avoid being that berk holding up hundreds of angry commuters because you keep getting a red light on the reader. Tick, tick, tick.

The RFID Card Guard costs £6.99 and is available to buy from Go Travel's website.

Last Updated 28 July 2014

Ben Jones

So let’s get this straight. We don’t have the technical know-how to design a system where you can have two RFID cards in the same wallet without screwing everything up…and the answer is to go out and buy a £7 doodad? This makes me angry. Just sort out your wireless standards you shape-shifting lizard bastards.


OR you can refuse to get any contactless bank cards and just get an NFC contactless chip to stick on the back of your phone (if you have an iPhone since Androids have the NFC inside them from the factory!). Vodafone now does one, as has Barclays for yonks. So you never have card clash as your contacless device is your phone. Easy.

Neil Armstrong-Plews

its just another way of making money from people using public transport, would it not been better just to had oyster and not the contactless cards.


OMG why don't you all just walk?


Why do we have to have cards that are contactless? I only have one wallet and do not want to have to keep taking the correct card out of my wallet, even if it is an Oyster or contactless card. The card guard above is useless if you hold your wallet the wrong way round. I already have RFID blocking sleeves on all my cards and that is a pain when getting a card out to pay. Why can't we have a choice? Many of us carry more than one card and we should be allowed to have a choice of contactless or non-contactless credit card. I would rather all my cards were non-contactless and just use the Oyster for public transport.

What we need is someone to start campaigning so that we can have a choice of contactless or non-contactless cards instead of expecting us to pay to try and keep them separate.

Troll Paladin

Radical solution...take the card out of the wallet and slap it against the reader?


I'm opting for much better solution such as Koruma wallets, cards holder etc. My data is protected and card clash avoided.


There's a card sleeve called the "EZGO" which has one protected section, then a second pocket that's unprotected, so good for Oyster cards/travel cards etc.

It's Kickstarter-funded so quite difficult to track down outside of the US, but www.faradaystore.com have some free UK delivery