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Visit The Roof Of Victoria Station

Visit The Roof Of Victoria Station

We're walking through the glass alps. The main roof of Victoria station glints in the mid-morning sun — its slopes cover an area equivalent to three football pitches. Older sheds to the west serve as crystalline foothills. From up here, the country's second busiest railway station is silent, serene even.

Victoria's vast roof dates from 1862 and is Grade II listed, but was heavily refurbished a few years ago. From here, you get remarkable views of local landmarks, such as Battersea Power Station and Westminster Cathedral. You also get a sense of the great development works taking place in the area, including a modernised tube station.

As part of this year's Open House festival (20-21 September), the roof will be opened to members of the public for the first time. Group sizes will necessarily be small, so the tours will be for ballot winners only. Application does not open until early August, but follow @NetworkRailVIC to be among the first to hear when the ballot goes live (and, of course, to get regular updates on services from Victoria). For now, enjoy our photos from this rarely seen roof-world.

With thanks to Network Rail for showing us round. We'll have a second article soon, with a few secrets from within the station...and its extensive catacombs.

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Thinking bob

We're excited. Lets hope some of our members get a chance to get up there!


I was somewhat deflated when you didn't say there was going to be a roof bar on there.