The Masks Of Gregos


How many of these faces have you spotted gurning from the walls of London? They’re the work of Gregos, a Parisian street artist who paid a visit to London back in February. He fixed 50 of these faces, modelled on his own visage, to walls around the capital. Many are still in place. The two shown here are from Curtain Road (above) and Shoreditch High Street (below).

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  • Nicolas Chinardet

    Great Marlborough Street (southern corner with Poland Street)

  • Guest

    Aha! Now I can put a name to a face! I saw this on the banks of the Seine in Paris in March. On the Left bank, near Notre Dame.

  • Jessica

    Aha! I saw this on the Left Bank of the Seine, in March, near Notre Dame. Now I can put a name to a face.

  • KatharinaLafrance

    Its too much protect the masks of gregos.