Sunday Seasoning #200: The Last One

On most Sundays since Autumn 2009, we have featured a recent photo from the Londonist Flickr Pool that illustrates the current season or time of year.

This week, for our final instalment, we’ve collected some of our favourites from the last four and a half years. Many thanks to the excellent photographers who have contributed their photos.

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  • Clapham Mother

    Why are you stopping?

    • Dave H

      We now feature a lot of seasonal (and other) photos from our Flickr group via Facebook and Twitter, so this weekly article has become a bit redundant, and the 200th instalment seemed like a good time to retire it. Follow us on Twitter, or ‘like’ us on Facebook for more photos like this.

      • HoosierSands

        That’s a shame.

        I hate Facebook. It’s an absolute nightmare to find anything.

  • Daniel Mount

    That is very cool but my little friend is a chipmunk that comes to me when he wants a nut or to.