Labour Takes Hammersmith And Fulham Council

hammersmith_230514Most councils are still counting the votes following yesterday’s election, but the big story so far is that Hammersmith and Fulham, a major Conservative stronghold, has gone to Labour.

H&F has been Conservative since 2006 and a flagship Tory borough for cutting costs and cross-borough working (the former council leader, Stephen Greenhalgh, is now Boris Johnson’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime). It’s also the council responsible for pushing through the controversial Earl’s Court development. But voters have delivered the Conservatives a bloody nose. In 2010, the Tories had 31 seats and Labour 15; now, Labour has 26 seats and the Tories 20.

Hammersmith and Fulham’s new leader, Stephen Cowan, says he won’t scrap the tri-borough shared services with Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster, but wants to reform them.

Of the other councils to declare so far, Labour has taken Merton from No Overall Control and in what may well be the Liberal Democrats’ only positive news of the day, they’ve strengthened their hold on Sutton. Labour have strengthened their positions in Enfield and Haringey, while the Conservatives have likewise strengthened their position in Richmond but lost a few seats to Labour in Wandsworth.

We’ll bring you more news later in the day.

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  • Blue

    Expect the council tax to rise now!

  • Helen

    They’ve sold £64m of our council houses, reinvested actually £0 n social housing and yet have over 1000 homeless families in B&Bs, not countin all the single homeless. Let’s have a think about where council tax cuts come from shall we?

  • Guest

    A damning verdict from Hammersmith Fulham residents on how their borough was run down by that Conservative mob.

  • Aitchell

    The Earls Court project will be scrapped, I expect.

  • reg

    The party to do the least about immigration?…and the winner is Labour, walk down King street W6 and “embrace” the plethora of foreign languages you will hear

  • reg

    Want a “Blue Badge” In W6, just flee “war torn” Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria, etc and come on down to H&F Social services. (Don’t forget to limp)

  • reg

    My politician/councillor/London Mayor, tells me Im lucky to live in a wonderful, multi-culturally rich, diverse,vibrant city? I have no choice, and no one has asked me if I want the UK to be raped, and how exactly do you engage with someone who is totally covered in a sheet apart from a letter box for there eyes?

  • reg

    P.S. Im not racist, I do not like anyone. Pop down to “Munster Village” (Estate agent code) for a locale in Fulham, and revel in the middle classes in their £60,000 4×4’s taking Oliver and Rhapsody to school, then its off to Bishops Park for a skinny latte farty ,choca mocka double thick caffeine hit, only £6.42, and then its time to prepare supper for husband Rupert, the city commodities broker(he buys and sells sugar) do not upset him or your 4×4 and holidays in Tuscany will evaporate just as your soul did the day you left mummies cervix.

    • reg

      And now its over to Mary for the weather…..

  • Mike

    Reg, I’m glad that in the seven years I lived in Hammersmith, I never met anyone as misanthropic as you.

    • reg

      Correct answer, Im proud to be misanthropic or as Im known as, a realist, not living in a bubble, Notice you put “lived” no longer enjoying the vibrancy of W6?

  • westfourteen

    And can we hope that Sulivan school will not close and be turned into an academy?

    • Hackney Hal

      Amusing how conservative you lefties are, no new housing developments, no new schools, no new bridge over the M40 to the river, no reorganisation of any NHS facilities, etc. etc. etc. Nothing must change. The previous Tory council created hundreds of new school places in the borough – let’s see how many Labour create – my guess is zero.