Video: Inside Mail Rail

You won’t find it on your tube map, but there’s an underground station beneath the streets of Clerkenwell. This is Mount Pleasant, one of eight stops on the Mail Rail tube line. The private route was used by the Post Office to transport letters and parcels across the capital from 1927 to 2003.

We recently took a tour of Mount Pleasant station, including a journey through the tunnels in a passenger car. The station and tracks will be opened as an attraction at the end of the decade by the British Postal Museum and Archive. A new museum will open in 2016.

We also recorded a second video, showing an eight-minute journey through the tunnels.

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  • BadgerSpanner

    No mention of the Christmas party decorations painted on the tunnel? The workers used to hold family parties and had Santa deliver presents via the train!

    • Geoff Marshall

      Indeed! i deliberately didn’t mention it as I wanted to see if anyone would spot it and mention it in the comments, which you have! 😉 Yes, on the white wall on the left .. painted decorations on the tunnel wall…

  • Nick.13

    Why it is closed for PO use – I would have thought it is still the most efficient way of getting mail around London, the roads are so full

    • Geoff Marshall

      as with most things in life Nick, it the bean-counters that get to have the say-so about what does, and doesn’t happen. and they’ve decided that it;s losing out on money. the Wikipedia article for it suggests that it was costing three times as more to use the rail system than it did by road when it closed in 2003.

      • Nick.13

        Yes – Geoff, I feared the dreaded accountants had destroyed the facility and put more traffic on the roads of the capital. Not very sensible or considerate of the environment

  • Dave K

    Interesting little video, looking forwards to having a snoop round when its open!

  • Alan Pearse

    Been to Mount Pleasant years ago to see the postal service there and the train. Brilliant tour.

  • Francesca Fenn

    Do I really have to wait till 2020 to get a ride? That’s an awfully long time!