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Indoor Clouds By Berndnaut Smilde

Indoor Clouds By Berndnaut Smilde

Art can have an instant visual appeal and at times it can have that 'how did they do that?' factor. Berndnaut Smilde combines the two with his photographs of indoor clouds. There's no Photoshop editing involved and these images are of actual clouds created indoors using smoke machines, a quick shutter speed and a lot of patience.

Smilde was part of a two person show just over a year ago and now he's returned to Ronchini gallery with a solo show full of his latest works. We last spoke to Smilde shortly after that show and he told us that it's a long process to find the right building with the right atmosphere and he's a fan of grand buildings with a lot of history. This is still evident in his latest works. In this exhibition, London acts as the setting for one of his creations, which was photographed in a mansion on Portland Place.

As well as looking spectacular, the ghostly clouds also act as a remnant of a room that may no longer be occupied, reminding us that there have been times where this room would have been abuzz with people. This sense of loss over time may be what attracts Smilde to choose locations that have a history to them.

There's no doubt that Smilde creates eye-catching, and often breathtaking, works and we look forward to his latest photographs in this exhibition.

Berndnaut Smilde: Antipode is on at Ronchini Gallery, 22 Dering St, W1S 1AN from 11 April until 14 June. Entrance is free.

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