Alternative Uses For The Gherkin

The Gherkin has been placed in receivership, fuelling speculation that it could soon be sold. A change of ownership could prompt a change of use. To help the new owners, we’ve dipped into the archive to find a selection of alternative uses that we and others have envisaged for the distinctive skyscraper over the years.

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  • john chapman

    Robby the Robot,yes please.Think of the tourists it would attract.

    • MattFromLondonist

      Or kill.

      • S

        Or both!

  • paola

    You already have a terrible eyesore in your city, London eye….. simply disgusting….. believe me, tourists come to London because of its charm, not because it’s beautiful…. it is not…. for that, we would go to Paris, Rome or Instanbul :)

    • MattFromLondonist

      Top tip: To avoid annoying eyesores simply rotate your head into a new direction.

      • HHGeek

        Unless, of course, you’re endeavouring to look anywhere near the City, in which case missing the Walkie-Talkie is tediously difficult.

    • Tim

      Where are you from, Paola?

      • paola

        Rome. But I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude….. I was just joking with the people saying they would attract and then kill tourists, with Robby the robot, ahahah :) I do love London , otherwise I wouldn’t have read this article, and I love it because of its contrasts… but sometimes I wonder if you’re not exaggerating with it…

        • Ed

          I am glad I read this before I replied. Ed

  • Chris Swann

    Lostin the embankment

  • Guest 53

    It would make a really good solarium. You could tan on any floor and perhaps establish a pineapple (sic) farm.