New London TV Station Launches

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 51 months ago
New London TV Station Launches


London Live, the new TV station dedicated to London, launches Monday night at 6pm.

A full schedule seems pretty elusive (though presumably if anyone's retuned their Freeview box they should be able to flick through the EPG; do let us know in the comments) but we can gather the following:

  • it's 24/7 and will have five and a half hours of news and current affairs each day, including space for ultra-local stories
  • there's new original programming, like an Alex Zane-hosted show for stand up comedy, a focus on London's music scene and documentaries showcasing new talent and stories
  • the first football show dedicated to London teams airs on Saturday mornings
  • even bought-in shows (i.e. repeats) have a London focus, like Twenty Twelve and Misfits.

The channel comes from the same stable as Evgeny Lebedev's Evening Standard and Independent papers — the news studios are based at the Independent's offices — so there's experience behind it, though perhaps less in the 18-34 demographic it's aiming for.

You can watch London Live on Freeview channel 8, Sky channel 117, Virgin Media channel 159 and its website. ITV London has a run-down of what programmes will be broadcast on launch night.

Last Updated 31 March 2014

Bermondsey James

Listings for today are in the 'i' paper (unsurprisingly) - presumably will be a daily thing. But don't see them on the Indy's website

Geoff Marshall

18:30 London Live
19:00 Not the One Show
20:00 Food Junkies
20;30 Kicks Off
21;00 Alex Zane : Funny Rotten Scoundrels
22:00 Misfits
23:00 Brothers With No Game
23:30 Nothing to Something (S01 E01, "Megaman2)

Nicolas Chinardet

Having watched the first two programmes, I feel rather underwhelmed and therefore disappointed. It all felt a little content-free, not much more than filler between the revenue-generating ads. The first show/half-hour was particularly dire: a series of not-very-subtle plugs for various things.

On the plus side, they are clearly mindful of diversity: race, gender, sexual orientation, all represented, which is great (although everyone seems rather on the young side).

I suspect I'm too old for the demographics they have in mind anyway...

Feels like a missed opportunity. It's early days though, I suppose.

Dave Nash

My partner and I tuned in last night for the launch, bearing in mind it's a brand new channel and will be making a loss in its first couple of years; I think the London Live team have done a great job. I have no problem with looking past any teething problems and concerns over content; this is a project that should easily work in London and I think it's something that we should all support.

John Chops

More repeats than UK Gold :(