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Mail Rail: Inside London's Post Office Tube Line

Mail Rail: Inside London's Post Office Tube Line

Did you know that there's a tube station in north Clerkenwell? Well, sort of. Mount Pleasant is one of eight stations on the former London Post Office Railway, often called Mail Rail.

Mail Rail trains carried parcels between Paddington and Whitechapel from 1927 to 2003, when the line was mothballed to save money. Now, plans are afoot to reopen the Mount Pleasant station as an attraction. Visitors will not only get to walk around this fascinating piece of industrial heritage, they will also be able to take a ride through the tunnels that loop around Mount Pleasant.

The station is unlikely to open for a few years, but the first phase will see a new postal museum open in 2016 on the Mount Pleasant site.

We were granted access recently, to get an early preview of what to expect. We're working on a video of the trip but, for now, here are a few snaps of the tunnels, platforms and maintenance area.

More photos from Mail Rail here.

David W

Envy oozes from every pore..


This Line is good for the Post Office Employees.


I had a tour of the Paddington Mail Rail location just before it closed. It seems a shame it cannot be repurposed, but I suppose maintenance alone is a large expense.

I was told at the time that most mail vans travelled at night when London traffic was not really much of a problem. If that's the case, there is scope to move much commercial traffic (deliveries especially) to evening hours as well.

Budgie Sargent

Given the extensive network this covers, why on earth not revamp the lines as a delivery network for shops, bars, restaurants above it? This would hugely reduce the road- borne load, reduce congestion, emissions, etc, etc. come to that, the regular tube lines could easily serve the same function during silent hours.