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07 February 2014 | Art & Photography | By: Silvia Baretta

The Friday Photos: London Libraries

The Friday Photos: London Libraries

"People can lose their lives in libraries. They ought to be warned”, said Saul Bellow. The library is one of the greatest multi-function public spaces the human race has ever invented. A place where you can read, relax, think, study, acknowledge and...sleep.

Here's a collection of pictures taken from our Flickr Pool showing just some of the libraries of London. And if you're feeling inspired, take a look at our guide to London-themed libraries and archives around town.

Many thanks to the photographers for allowing us to use their images via Flickr: WPhoto, msganching, Robin Bray-Hurren, deepstoat, Andrew Smith, Shanne W, Judy, Alan Habbick, Matt Brown, fazfazfaz and David Merrigan.


A phone box is not a library - that is just a collection of books. A library is curated, it is looked after, it has people who are happy to help and will work through your research question with you. A library has computers, that should be free to use and if they are not that's a shame. A library has online resources, as well as a wealth of books that someone has tried to make sure are relevant, not just off-casts from someone's shelves. A library puts on events that try and engage its user, it sometimes has a cafe so you can sip coffee and read. It is not a phone box.