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11 February 2014 | Books & Poetry | By: M@

Spineless Classics: Famous London Stories On Posters

Spineless Classics: Famous London Stories On Posters

If you've ever been put off from reading a classic novel because of the number of pages, here's literary salvation. Spineless Classics repeat the unexpurgated text on a single page, albeit a poster-sized sheet of paper. What's more, the words are arranged into something beautiful, so you can hang the book on your wall as a work of art.

The company's catalogue contains dozens of books, including a few set in, or partially set in, London: Oliver Twist, Sherlock Holmes, A Christmas Carol, Peter Pan, Harry Potter and — the newest release — A Bear Called Paddington.

They've even squeezed War and Peace onto four sheets.

Prints can be ordered from Spineless Classics from £35.


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