1,000 Extra Homes For Silvertown Quays


The development zone, shown in red.

2,500 new homes are to be built in the Royal Docks, if a reworked masterplan for Silvertown Quays comes to fruition.

The £2.5 billion development is directly across Royal Victoria Dock from the ExCel Centre. The little-visited area is most famous for the Millennium Mills building, beloved of film crews, urban explorers and street artists.

Last year, the Mayor unveiled a masterplan to build 1,500 new homes, restaurants, bars, leisure facilities and office space in the largely derelict zone. The area will also include a street of ‘brand pavilions’ — an increasingly popular way for companies to show off their products in a fuzzy blend of shop, attraction and marketing suite.

Meanwhile, Millennium Mills will become an incubator space for new companies to grow. A new bridge will span the dock, linking the site to ExCel and its adjacent stations, which will include Custom House Crossrail.

The latest plans have increased the housing component by 1,000 units in a deal involving Chelsfield Properties and First Base (the ‘Silvertown Partnership). Outline planning permission will be submitted later in the year. If all sails smoothly, work could begin by year’s end with the first companies arriving in 2017. It’s hoped the scheme will create 14,000 jobs and bring £260m a year to the local economy.

On the housing front, it’s not yet known what proportion of the development would fall under the ‘affordable’ definition. The developers merely say (PDF) that ‘a contribution of affordable homes will be available to the local community’.

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  • http://www.christianmeyer.net Christian

    Poor people living under the City airport path… It could be such an idyllic corner of London.

    • MB

      I went to seminar with a guy from TfL, who thought that eventually the real estate value of City Airport would be worth more as residential/commercial than for aviation purposes. So, perhaps in a decade or so City will be scouting for a new location (more airport drama!)

  • JohnnyFox

    Hm. I live directly across the road (in the white buildings with the tower at the end). Hope this happens, we’ve had so many harebrained schemes for the site from Ken Livingstone’s largest newt aquarium in the world to the short-lived ‘London Pleasure Gardens’. This one has big Chinese money though.

    In answer to Christian, living under the flight path doesn’t matter much. As required by its planning covenant, the airport shuts at 9.30pm and between lunchtime Saturday and lunchtime Sunday.

  • robert_dj

    So – Crossrail station to come here later?

    • JohnnyFox

      The Crossrail station is the ‘other’ side of Excel, so you’d need to use the footbridge over King George V dock. Stupidly, Crossrail doesn’t also call at London City Airport despite going right past it.

  • LondonPleasureVictim

    Hmm wonder if the developers are aware that the ground is so toxic with asbestos that recent events held on this site would not allow tent pegs to be driven into the earth without constant water sprays keeping the dust down.

    Also London City Airport is close that structures taller than 17m are currently not allowed here in case of airline strike !

    Is that the sound of a barrel being scraped ?

    • JohnnyFox

      Very interesting. Since the project must include the refurb of Millennium Mills which is listed, presumably the 17m rule doesn’t apply to existing buildings? For new ones being put on the site – you wouldn’t be able to get 2500 dwellings at that density without going up at least six storeys as they now plan across the road at Minorco Wharf now called Royal Wharf. Maybe that is the limit.

  • Guest

    Where is the PDF sourced from please?