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29 January 2014 | History | By: M@

Lost Valley of London: Pirates Of Execution Dock

Lost Valley of London: Pirates Of Execution Dock

Avast! This short video about Wapping's pirate history is more than ship-shape, it's deck-swabbingly brilliant. Join Anthony MR Lewis in his latest 'Lost Valley of London' adventure among privateers, river police and gibbeted corpses. Hope you fo'c'sle enjoy it.

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David W

Another mini movie masterpiece...


Lovely clip!!!

Roger Manser

Brilliant clip - but as Anthony hints, drop under the Thames - via the Overground and your Oyster Card - from Wapping station to Rotherhithe - there's the Mayflower, the Angel (directly opposite Execution Dock), Brunel Museum, St Mary's Church, the Watch café, Sands Film Studio, and the Old Mortuary (Time and Talents) ....

Deirdre Shaw

A pity Drake isn't given a Devon accent. John Aubrey tells us he spake broad Devon 'til the day he died.


Amazing video!