Mapped: London’s Independent Bookshops

Bookshops are a joy to browse. You’ll make discoveries in them that you’ll never make on Amazon (we still thank the lost and lamented Crockatt & Powell for introducing us to Steven Johnson’s brilliant The Ghost Map), you can ask for recommendations from a knowledgeable bookseller and be satisfied that you’re supporting local businesses.

A few years ago now, we spent some time visiting many of London’s independent bookshops. You can read all about the places we went but, as is the nature of independent retailers, some have closed and some have moved. Plus, we could never visit them all. So we’ve created this map of the capital’s indie booksellers – find one near you for your Christmas shopping, or visit their websites to see which do online ordering. Click on icons to find out more, zoom in and out or view the map in its own browser window.

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  • Ashley Walker

    Greenwich book shop? on Creed Rd.

  • anthony

    Great work – there’s Bookmongers in Brixon, too.

    • anthony

      Brixton, even.

  • Paul Lewis

    Why include Daunt’s? They are not independent.

    • Rachel Holdsworth

      Yeah, arguably Daunt and Foyles are both chains now, but as we said when we went to Hatchards (now part of Waterstones) it’s our game and we’ll make our own rules!

    • Guest

      I didn’t think independence was about having just one shop, I thought it was about being privately owned? Maybe I’m wrong on that but I do think Daunt and Foyles deserve our support as much as anyone else – they do a lot to encourage people to continue to buy and enjoy books and they support indie publishers too (speaking as an indie publisher!)

  • Nigel Whitfield

    You appear to be missing Page of Hackney, at 70 Lower Clapton Road.

  • Donna Tartt

    You should add in W & A Houben, Richmond:

  • Rebecca

    Chener Books in East Dulwich, and Tales on Moon Lane in Herne Hill if you’re including kids book shops

  • Luke

    Good to see someone’s already suggested Bookmongers on Coldharbour Lane in Brixton. It’s my favourite bookshop in London. Here’s why:

  • Iain

    Camden Lock Books in Old Street Station!

  • Bcakpassages.

    Brick Lane Books of Brick Lane. Twenty five years old and you missed it?

  • Olly

    What about Ripping Yarns at the top of Archway Rd?

    • Nicole Healing

      It’s there :)

  • Joanna Moncrieff

    We have one in Chingford – Chingford Books, Station Road E4. Recently under new management but has been in Chingford for 25+ years.

    @ChingfordBooks on Twitter

  • James

    Rather a strange co-incidence that this article has appeared a week or so after ‘The London Bookshop Map’ launched their App version? They’ve been promoting London’s independent bookshops via their printed maps for the past few years (as well as supporting the Amazon boycott). The Map is available in most of the shops you list, and the App available here:

    • Rachel Holdsworth

      Genuinely hadn’t heard of this app! We’ve had this map going for several years but realised recently that our usual method of promoting London’s indie bookshops (linking to our old reviews) wasn’t helpful as several have closed or moved. So we updated this map. Total co-incidence.

  • Bookworm

    Victoria Park Books! 174 Victoria Park Road, E9 7HD!

  • Abbie
  • Rod Murdison

    Kirkdale Bookshop; 272 Kirkdale Road; Sydenham; SE26 4RS minutes from Sydenham train station. Especially the downstairs secondhand section divided by subject.

  • Jo

    I recommend Book Ends in Exmouth Market (formerly of South Kensington). They specialise in childrens’ books and arts & crafts, and are particularly good on beautifully illustrated picture books, with a few rare & out of print titles. Lovely people too!

  • NicKr

    What about Barnes Bookshop? And Kew Bookshop? Both excellent and most definitely independent…. and

  • Deborah

    Kennington Bookshop, Kennington Road – it’s great they even have a second hand section and run events

  • tjsw12

    Daunt Books in Marylebone High Street is simply stunning so let’s not be grumpy/pedantic about whether they have more than one shop. So what?

  • siousxiesue

    Did you include ‘Review’ the bookshop in Bellenden Road SE15? Wonderful place

  • Matthew

    Thoroughly recommend Copperfields bookshop in Wimbledon, on Hartfield Road. Excellent and eclectic selection.