Climbing The Trees Of London

When a man begins a project to climb a tree every day for a year, it’s almost inevitable that strange things will happen. Henrik G Dahle is such a man and he found his endeavour swiftly bloom to involve interviewing people in trees, having his hair cut in a tree, staging political activism in trees…pretty much everything that monkeys wish they could get involved in if they could only stop playing with themselves.

Happily many of the trees Henrik peered up during his project were in London, where he now lives. His tales are as colourful as you would expect.

Henrik has written a book of his tree-shinning exploits, so if you’re interested in the project or would like to pre-order a copy of the book you should head over to his UpTrees website

You can also get a discount on the book if you send Henrik your own drawing of a tree, though beware, your dubious scrawl may end up in the book itself.

And the next time you see a Scandinavian swinging about up a tree around town, make sure to wave at him rather than call the authorities (chances are they wouldn’t know what to do with him anyway).

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