Saturday Comic: The Truth About London Buses #2

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Saturday Comic: The Truth About London Buses #2

Artist: Julia Romer

Last Updated 19 October 2013

Julia Haase

This is sooo true! Haha. Although I am quite familar with the public transportation system in London I still haven't taken a nightbuse yet - just because I am thinking that I will never make it home. Confusion.


not funny.


Hahahaha night buses are scary!


Last January I went to London on holiday. On a Saturday night I went out with some friends and at I took a bus to go back to my hotel at about 4 a.m. I only waited for about 10 minutes with other people, no problem on the bus, and on top of that a girl told me which was the closest stop to my hotel. It was just perfect! I love London buses!!!

Fabricio Ayres

night buses are great, except for the drunken people that are going to make your journey really unpleasant.


I feel like London needs a The Bold Italic type website -- Julia could be the first illustrator!


For every unpleasant journey there's a wonderful one. Like when I went upstairs and it was all bustling and yet quiet; a party of deaf students were on their way home from a night out on the town, laughing, telling jokes, a bit tipsy maybe - all in sign language! No idea at all what they were saying but their happiness was contagious and uplifting. We were left in reflective stillness when they all got off.
Another time I got on and there was a guy gently picking a banjo for his girl. I knew the tune, a jig, and had a tinwhistle in my pocket and couldn't help but join in. Then another chap pulled out a harmonica and here we were in an Irish session on the bus! Smiles all around but I concede that may be another person's idea of hell! - Only on the night bus...
Then there's the story of the fellow who travels around London dressed as a wizard and when he boards a bus he touches his wand to the reader "Beep!"
Now THAT's Magic!