Landlords, Don’t Want To Rent To Black Tenants? Letting Agents Will Help

flats_141013The BBC has uncovered evidence that the days of “No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs” aren’t as far behind us as we’d like to believe.

In an undercover investigation for Inside Out, a reporter posed as a landlord wanting to rent out a flat but not to black tenants. This is, obviously, illegal under the Equality Act 2010 (not to mention the Race Relations Act 1965), but the BBC found ten letting agents who would ‘get round’ the rules, either by telling black househunters that the flat had been taken, or not calling back to arrange a viewing. The BBC put this to the test, sending white and black researchers to ask about the property. Sure enough, the white researcher got a viewing while the black researcher was told the flat was gone.

This being the situation now, we think it will only get worse if government proposals to make private landlords check the immigration status of prospective tenants go ahead. There are fears that private landlords – often individuals, not all exactly with tenants’ best interests at heart – will just refuse to rent to anyone who doesn’t ‘look British’. The BBC’s discovery shows there are plenty of agencies out there who will help such landlords out.

You can watch the investigation on Inside Out, BBC London, 14 October at 7.30pm and for seven days after on iPlayer.

Photo by ca1951rr from the Londonist Flickr pool

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  • Roxy

    For a start the bbc needs to get off its high horse about how blacks are being discriminated against, the Asians have had discrimination for decades and no white person has ever considered Asian Discrimination racist it has always been shoved aside. Secondly, the bbc is playing its usual ‘oh look at how Asians are racist to blacks’ game yet again and this time Asians do not have to care what he media thinks or does. If I had a house I would decide who I wanted to rent it out to as it is MY house. Thirdly, I have seen ALOT of houses which are rented out and oddly enough they all have black tenants in them! Where exactly are they being discriminated against? The white media needs to get off its ‘black discrimination’ horse, I have never seen the black community stand up for Asians when they are discriminated, but look around you and ask yourselves how many Asians have stood by blacks in times of racism, who are the real racists here????

    • Colin

      Asians standing by Black people, that’s a funny joke!!! I am a black guy who has been working as an IT consultant for over fifteen years. If I go for a contract where there is an Indian or Pakistani interviewing me, I know I will not get the job no matter how well the interview went. They would rather ship someone in from India or Pakistan then employ a Black person. Every contract I have won was when I was
      interviewed by either a White or Black person. You have a 50/50 chance of getting the contract with a White or Black interviewer. You have 0 chance when an Indian or Pakistani is interviewing you.

      The majority of Indian and Pakistani people are racist towards Black people. It is a cultural thing. They are taught from an early age that Black is bad, and White is good. They still practice the Caste System where the darker your skin is the less of a person you are in society. Bleaching of your skin is a billion $ market in India. A very high percentage of Indian and Pakistani people are not truly proud of what they are and would preferably want to be White.

      I’m still laughing at “Asians standing by Black people” that’s so funny.

      • Roxy

        You can laugh as much as you like but go back a few years and you will see just how many Asians would stand for you blacks and do not forget how many blacks and Asians stood by each other during the skin head riots and not to mention how many black men have been sleeping around with Asian girls recently. If you detest Asians so much why are your girls and men hanging around Asian kids? What about black racism towards Asians in places of work and no white person says anything to you because they allow you to be racist towards Asians?

        As for you not getting a job because of ‘Asian Interviewers’ perhaps you are not good enough remember the whites will tell you anything you want to hear to make you feel good and make them appear as non racists!

        You black people do nothing but whine on about your skin colour even when you are no good at the job. You think Asians are going to treat you the way whites have, well Asians do not owe you anything they did not enslave you and our country will go to whoever has something to offer it! From what I have witnessed every Asian rented house has had africans in there the real question asked should be, How many of them are legal in this country? So go ahead and laugh don’t think Asians have not noticed your behaviour towards them all because you precious black altar of a pedestal is now been moved aside in favour of those who have money to bring into the country and the government will do what it is told, so stop grumbling about your skin colour because in the end nobody will care and I certainly do not either!

        • Colin

          Another funny jock by Roxy: “If you detest Asians so much why are your girls and men hanging around Asian kids?”

          We don’t hang around Asian kids, Asian kids hang around Black kids. Playing Black music and talking
          like they are Black. Every sentence is punctuated with an “in it”, “bro” or “blood”. To hear an Asian kid talking like a black kid is hilarious. You don’t hear Black kids talking like Asian kids or listening to Asian music. Why can’t Asian kids talk like Asian kids? I think a lot of Asian kids are embarrassed by their culture so copy another.
          You also say “Years ago Asian people stood with Black people” I don’t remember that. In the 70’s
          and 80’s when many Asians arrived in the UK they had to put up with “P*ki Bashing” and many black people would step in to save their skin. In those days Asian people didn’t know how to stand up and fight the skinheads, they were to weak and skinny. In those days Black people didn’t take sh*t from the Skinheads and the racist police.
          You also say “black men have been sleeping around with Asian girls recently”. It’s more like Asian girls have been chasing Black men. Everyone knows Indian men have very small di*ks. Go to the BBC website and do a search for “Condoms too big for Indian men”.
          You also say “As for you not getting a job because of ‘Asian Interviewers’ perhaps you are not good enough…”. If I am good enough for IBM and Reuters I would say I’m above average. Like I said the problem with many Asian Interviewers is they put Asian people before anyone else. They would rather ship over a lowly skilled Indian computer programmer then employ a non-Asian British computer programmer.

          I’ll cut to the chase. You say “Asian people stand by Black people” and I say “Asian people have never stood by Black people, and will never stand by Black people unless money is involved”. ASIAN PEOPLE LOOK AFTER ONLY ASIAN PEOPLE. If you are not Asian or if you can’t speak Urdu or Punjabi, Asian people don’t want to know. How many Asians do you
          see working in a caring profession like a Nurse or a Care Assistant? None. You may see a lot of Asian Doctors, but that is due to their parent’s pushing them
          into the profession, and not because they care for people. ASIAN PEOPLE LIVE AND BREATHE MONEY, and would sell their youngest daughter to their uncle to make money.

          • colin

            Joke instead of Jock

  • Roxy

    This is, obviously, illegal under the Equality Act 2010 (not to mention the Race Relations Act 1965)
    What a load of twoddle we all know that the pc brigade has used the above legislation in favour of blacks how many Asians have been told ‘just get on with the job the pc rules apply to you too’? When a black says it they are treated with more sympathy than Asians, bbc is a disgrace we do not pay our tv licence for them to discriminate against one set of people over another! The Race Relations does not favour Asians it favours blacks and always has done so, the Asians are no longer a push over and the whites don’t like it? Well I don’t see whites saying black immigrants have nice houses, cars, jobs etc all because the media has targeted Asians when they use the word immigration!