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04 October 2013 | Comedy, Things To Do | By: Lindsey

Joking For Justice: Top Comedy Talent Lines Up For Charity Gig

Joking For Justice: Top Comedy Talent Lines Up For Charity Gig

An impressive line-up of comedy talent has been assembled for the annual charity fundraising gig, Joking for Justice.

For twenty pound coins you will be entertained by top satire, musical comedy and silliness. In an attempt to balance brevity with enthusiasm, here are the performers' names alongside a reductive, bracketed hint at the nature of their ace acts: Arthur Smith (unmistakeable comedy grump), Ava Vidal (takes no bullshit, no really - he's not a keeper), Holly Walsh (telly writing, Venn diagram fan), (the mysterious and surreal) Kevin Eldon, Sara Pascoe (endearing existentialism), Daniel Simonsen (deadpan Norweigan), Ria Lina (bawdy ukelele alert) and Catie Wilkins (feminism and cock jokes). MCing is David Morgan (specs, quiff, likes telly).

No, that's not done them justice, so go and see them joke for justice and support World Development Movement (WDM), a groovy charity that campaigns against the root causes of poverty and inequality through democratic means, working with local campaign groups. Find out more here.

Joking for Justice is at the Leicester Square Theatre on Thursday 17 October at 7.30pm. Tickets £20.


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