Fly Through 17th Century London

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Fly Through 17th Century London

A group of students at De Montfort University created this fly-through of 17th century London (skip to 0:50 in the video to get to the juicy stuff). The model focuses on the area around Pudding Lane and the bakery of Thomas Farriner, where the Great Fire of 1666 started.

Although most of the buildings are conjectural, the students used a realistic street pattern and even included the hanging signs of genuine inns and businesses mentioned in Samuel Pepys' diary. More information on the source material and processes can be found on the team's blog.

The project is an entry in the Off The Map competition, in which students were invited to build 3-D digital models based on maps at the British Library, and using software by Crytek. We're impressed, and hope the model is developed into something playable, or perhaps a 17th century version of Street View, which historians could hone and add to.

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That was really lovely, beautifully done, wonderfully atmospheric and very believable to me (as a Londoner). Thank you.

Grace Smith

An amazing and evocative piece of work, guys. Really like the development suggestions and will be watching this space...........:)


What a wonderful work. Just beautiful!

Keely Bryant

Amazing and beautiful!!


The great fire started in Pudding Lane down where Momument is today. Pudding Mill Lane is near Stratford. Nice video still.

Mihai Margoi



so good, in fact, brilliant. I loved the music, t'was perfect.


This just makes me want an Assassin's Creed game set in London.

Sarah Milton-Lomax


Finsbury Gal

Wow! Fabulous - really amazing. Felt like you could have got out and walked around. Bet it smelled rank though!

Patricia A. McGoldrick



I certainly hope that someone can respond to this: was it a typo or was his name REALLY King "Carles" II or was the "h" accidentally omitted?

Stoney Compton

Superbly done. Thank you for the visit to the past.

Bjørn Tennøe

I really like the artwork! The camera movement, however, is too haphazard for my taste. Slower, more determined movement and a few (near) still images should add to the overall atmosphere and impression.


As a historian, it is truly amazing. It bought chapter four of my doctoral thesis to life. Wonderful stuff!!


Rather reminds me of playing Assassin's Creed 2 on the Xbox (which was set in 15th century Florence):


brilliant - love the 3D recreation - well done!

Andrea Berens

Enjoyed the tour


Great but London is much better now!


I find this much more appealing than the hard concrete prison the city has become.


Really interesting - mucho thanks.

Philippa Doran

No horse manure? The streets look much too clean. Where is all the traffic?
What looks like trousers on the washing lines. Had they been invented in the early 17th Century?
Perhaps they should do the same with the London of the 1930s, before the war and the rebuilding after the Blitz. I remember the London of those days.
And of course in either days the streets would be crowded with people.

Amarpal Biring

Skyrim let you do this a long time ago.

Mimi P Louiso

How marvelous-


Wonderful! x

Nick Dedman

Is this the same 3D engine used in Crysis 3? and if so could the map be downloaded and explored if you own the game?


Wonderful job by all those who put this video together, I really enjoyed it!
Do you have another copy of it somewhere where the video is slowed down a whole lot more? I'd love to see that format so I can really admire your graphics and gain a new perspective on your video.
Thank you so much, beautiful job!

Gerald R. Lucas

Great work. Now, if we just had a holodeck.

Josephine Siedlecka

This is really beautiful. I hope you make more films like this. I could watch them for hours.

c'est moi

So beautiful. As Grace Smith commented, "An amazing and evocative piece of work"....very true. I actually felt ....homesick, while watching it. Perhaps an odd choice of words, but I was THERE as I watched this. Great job.



Doktor Vok

Please make this into a game

Jennifer Johnson Jennings

Amazing job. Thank you for posting this.


Wonderful job ! Congratulations. Christiane


Period musik would've been much better.




It's beautiful and the detail is amazing. I wish it went just a bit slower. It was a little dizzying and I wanted to look around more at the detail.


This is AWESOME!!! I will be using it, along with the London Fire video, with my kids history lessons this week! We homeschool and I loved that I could show them the difference in then and now!

Dave Arendash

I do hope they make this available as an Oculus Rift demo

Tony Durrant

Excellent. Now, here's a thought: a series of similar projects (to be sold to schools) on Roman, Viking, Tudor street scenes (or whatever ends up in the curriculum), including 'pause and click' interaction to teach lifestyles, cultures, language, maths and so on.

Marian Alison

Well Done to everyone involved in the production. This realistic interpretation helps us to understand better life at the time. The music was relaxing and perfect to accompany the flying theme. I could have watched so much more!


very cool

J Bin

Moved too quickly for me. I like to savor what I'm chewing on. Other than that I thought it was terrific!

Olga Ruocco Daley

This is totally amazing. I felt like I was there. I hope to see the ideas developed further. Well done!

Vicki S

Thank you, that was terrific. I thought there would be more gardens and vegetation.

MacNutz2 .

That is wonderful. While the streets and places were much cleaner than the streets of the time would have been, it's a great treatment.Time travellers dream stuff. Glad you cleaned it up. :)


This is so beautiful and yet somehow sad, as though I can feel the passage of the centuries.

Three Miles an Hour

Amazing! What I wouldn't give to be able to walk the streets during that time too!

Jerry Morris

Outstanding.Thanks for posting..


Amazing. In Sweden Malmo we ave a running concept built upon FAS3 unemploees. The gouvernment pays for everything, they wont ever come close to your level, though thev'e spent years of "work" on it with about 100 perons in the group. Applause to the Pudding Lane Group.


Not even colose.


Fantastic, well done


Absolutely brilliant.


Nice artwork, but would have been more enjoyable if the camera didn't go through so fast! I missed half of it and felt sick by the end :(

Keith Parkins

Remarkable, brilliant, and I thank you for the privilege of viewing it.

Sue Chartres

Fabulous!! I really enjoyed it - it certainly gave you a sense of conditions in London at the time.

Mariano Mendez

Hmmm, I have to learn the English.


Looks similar to the Witcher scenery.


Lovely, but a ghost town. It would have been heaving with people, animals and means of transport.

Paul Le Clercq



Very wonderful

Cat Marcuri

Beautiful work! I felt as though I was there! For a medieval historian like myself, I sincerely hope that this project continues in full speed, and brings to life more places I have studied but can never hope to see in real life. Unless they invent a time machine, of course! :D

Richard Berelson

As a Londoner I found that surprisingly moving. Well done, it's a very evocative trip. Very enjoyable.


WHY ARE ALL OF THE COMMENTS DATED THREE YEARS AGO, AS i AM IN HE LAST MONTH OF 2016, AND THE REST OF THE COMMENTS ARE FROM 2013? If this were a historical piece , sayibg so at the beginning would have been appreciated. The same goes for what the status of this project is today, if it exists at all. OI also noticed a lack of people in this piece, with the exception of ( what I can only assume) are victims of the plague, laying dead in the street. Fairly grotesque, to say the least.

Pamela Green

I was right there in those streets. I am a Londoner and now living in Florida. This made my heart ache with homesickness. I knew that I would have felt at home in those streets all those years ago. I know that it would still have felt like London. I thought about the grass in the church yard and how it would have been growing the same plants and weeds that grow today. Even in those bleak cobbled streets there would have been cheery people smiling. So I can honestly say that this video touched my heart and brought history alive for me. Thank you.

Elena Crane

Amazing.!! I felt like i was really there.How very clever.I love London history and You gave me a unique experience.Thank you all.

Dave Parker

They should use the Source Engine and build something you can walk through and explore in your own time, maybe have some NPC's wondering about, going about their day that you can interact with and they'll tell you about themselves and what their up to.