Where Was The Prime Minister Born?…Mapped

Having previously mapped the birth places of our monarchs, a reader prompted us to do the same from British Prime ministers*. We listen to our readers, so here it is.

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  • Our nation has been overseen by 53 Prime Ministers, from Robert Walpole in 1721.
  • A staggering 17 Prime Ministers were born in central London. That’s about one-third of all incumbents. In addition, several were born in areas that are now considered to be part of the capital, including Clement Attlee in Putney and John Major in Carshalton.
  • No British Prime Minister was ever born in Wales or the south-west counties of England. Jim Callaghan is the closest, hailing from Portsmouth.
  • While Wales is barren of Prime Ministers, Scotland is a fertile source. Seven PMs are from north of the border, including both Blair and Brown.
  • Only one PM was born outside the British Isles. Bonar Law took his first breath in New Brunswick, now part of Canada.
  • One Prime Minister is missing. We can find no information on the birthplace of Augustus Henry Fitzroy, 3rd Duke of Grafton, the tenth Prime Minister.
  • Quite a few of the PMs in the map above are not accurately placed — for several, we can find no information beyond ‘London’ or ‘Edinburgh’. If you can narrow the locations down further, do let us know.
  • David Cameron was born within five minutes’ walk of the Chamber of Horrors at Madame Tussauds. Just sayin’.

*We’re working with the convention that Robert Walpole was the first Prime Minister, even though he didn’t use the title. We’re also using the term ‘British’ in its lightest sense to encapsulate the several territorial unions that have made up the country since the time of the first PM.

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  • http://londonist.com/ Rachel Holdsworth

    Interesting. The one local fact about my hometown (that HH Asquith came from there) turns out to be true.

  • Stella

    the north had better stop complaining then, it does seem that its us westcountry folk who are completely unrepresented at the highest ecehlons of power.

  • Rob

    Anyone know the exact address for David Lloyd George in Manchester ?