Watch Tube Trains Mapped In Real Time On Your Phone

Tube Map Live is a new app for iOS devices that tracks the locations of trains across the Underground network.

Upon loading the user is presented with the familiar Tube diagram, overlaid with a number of train icons that look like they’ve wandered in from Pacman. The icons, which are colour-coded to denote the line they’re running on, slowly inch their way around the network. Tap on any icon to bring up further details, like the train’s destination. There’s also a useful bar at the bottom which lists the number of trains on each line (topping the list at the time of writing is the Northern line, unsurprisingly, with 91 trains in service).

Tube Map Live is a free download for iPhone and iPad, and is well worth a few megabytes of your device’s disk space. Our only gripe is that the app only covers the Underground; the DLR and Overground lines aren’t included.

The developer, Andy Drizen, also makes the Tube Tracker app, which bills itself as a comprehensive guide to using the Underground. It includes maps, directions to nearby stations, information on how lines are running and a journey planner. Though not essential for Londoners experienced with the Tube, it’s still a valuable addition to your device. Tube Tracker costs £1.99.

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  • Jayess

    I know this already done (to death?), but would be nice for us majority of non Maccult members to have right to purchase (though as WinPhone owner am certainly not holding breath)?

    • Ben

      Only if we keep harping on about it will things change.

      – Signed, Disgruntled Android Owner

    • Dean Nicholas

      It’s the usual story — iOS currently accounts for 75% of the paid app market, and while this app is free it was largely based on work done for Tube Tracker, which is paid-for. Makes sense for developers to focus first on where the money is, and then branch out if / when they have a hit.

  • Amy

    Presumably it doesn’t cover the H&C/Circle line west of Paddington too – seeing as TFL still can’t sort out countdown over here.

  • Jack

    Really clever app, particularly when twinned with Tube Tracker. Word of warning though – it munches through data: 1MB every 4 minutes. Fortunately the app warns you if it’s idle for a couple of minutes, but worth bearing in mind.

  • Ho! Hum!

    Requires IOS 6 so not compatible with first generation iPads and iphone 3G or older.

    • Dean Nicholas

      According to reports iOS6 runs on 93% of iOS devices. Lack of Android inclusion is a bigger issue.

      • Ho! Hum!

        Sadly, it not occur to me at the time that having bought an ipad in 2011, it would no longer have software updates and be unable to a current operating system by 2013.

        I guess apps developers would have to go to considerable trouble to make sure it works on older version of the iOS operating system. Android must be a nightmare.

  • Peter Long

    Check out Tube Lines and Tube Lines Pro as an alternative take on the above. See a demo here on YouTube,