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08 August 2013 | History | By: Dean Nicholas

Crossrail Dig Uncovers Bedlam Burial Site

Crossrail Dig Uncovers Bedlam Burial Site

The latest discoveries from workers on the Crossrail project include the remains of the Bedlam asylum, and evidence of people living on the River Thames some 9,000 years ago.

Archaeologists have been poring over the human remains found near the Liverpool Street site, which was the location of a burial street beside Bedlam, the psychiatric hospital which was once on Bishopsgate. They're also fascinated by the discovery of a 16th-century gold coin, a rare object in an area that was extremely poor at the time, and the remains of a Roman road, which may have crossed the nearby River Walbrook, long since buried beneath the Square Mile's streets.

Meanwhile, out in Woolwich, a Mesolithic tool-making factory has been unearthed, with around 150 pieces of flint removed.

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