A Tube Map Of London’s Small Theatres

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Another day, another alternative tube map. This one comes from Transport for London itself, which makes it all official and proper. The map shows London’s many small theatres and their closest tube stations. Each of the 105 venues is colour-coded according to its number of seats.

The map is an eye-catching publicity vehicle for the London Assembly’s new report into the health of London’s small theatre scene. The report, called Centre Stage, notes that nearly half of the capital’s small theatres feel insecure about their financial future. Many are at risk from redevelopment, sale by the landlord, or a tightening on people’s disposable incomes. Among other actions, the report suggests the appointment of a small theatres ambassador to unite the sector and seek funding sources.

Although too cluttered to serve as any kind of useful navigation device, the map is a cute way to show just how many small venues are dotted around town. It also reveals one or two conspicuous gaps. Are there no small theatres in Croydon? North-west London also seems theatrically impoverished.

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  • Jonn Elledge

    Literally the first theatre I looked for (Queen’s, Hornchurch) isn’t on there. Bravo.

    • Sheena Craig (London Assembly)

      Tube theatre map only list venues up to 400 seats so there will be some larger London venues missing from the map. However, the recommendations suggested might be useful for these theatres too.

      • Jonn Elledge

        You’re right. Turns out it’s a 500-seater. Silly me.

        I’m just irrationally sniffy about Hornchurch getting left off things. It’s a thing I do.

  • Paul

    Nice idea but it’s pretty weird that an ‘official’ map uses a low-res bitmap of the actual map with a load of MS Word-style Calibri text plonked on it. Coupled with that awful royal baby poster unveiled today (which was a bad idea anyway, but even setting that aside…), and the incorrect-fonted, unkerned route number panels that have started appearing on updated bus stop flags, I’m starting to fear that the New Bus for London’s extra costs and government cuts are being funded by sacking every professional designer left at TfL!

  • Tom Chance

    I’m going to be very petty and point out it’s a tube and train map!

  • t

    Love it! Southwark playhouse is amazing!

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  • Grace Cookey-Gam

    Re Croydon. There’s an up and coming new theatre space at Matthews Yard near the George Street and Surrey Street tram stops. The cafe was started by an local entepreneur who wanted to give something back to the community after the riots.
    It’s starting to pick up comedians on their way to Edinburgh. Therer are regular performance and open mic nights plus there’ll be a full play in the last week of August (A Midsummer Nights Dream). There’s also a gallery space and artists in residence. Yes, this is Croydon, honest!

    • RoyWatson

      Also, the Croydon wilderness is largely due to redevelopment having kiboshed the Warehouse, which kinda makes the point about venues being scared for their futures.

    • MYTC

      Indeed, the Matthew’s Yard Studio is a reality – the UK’s first fully crowd-funded theatre. Add it to the map!

  • Alex

    The link to the map doesn’t work.. Looks like pdf was removed from tfl website

  • Grace

    Re:”Are there no small theatres in Croydon?” and my previous comment: Matthews Yard Theatre Company is now up and running with a local director, Owen Kingston at the helm. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is on next week – 27th – 29th August at the Studio Theatre in Matthews Yard in the historic Old Town, just off Surrey Street. Also, on 30th August there’s an open air performance in the jewel in Croydon’s crown: The Coach House Cafe, Combe Gardens. Lovers of independent theatre, please support us! https://bookwhen.com/matthewsyard 0208 123 8854