Pride In London 2013: In Pictures

Thousands of people turned out on Saturday to watch the Pride parade in central London. We’ve collected some of the nicest (and most colourful) pictures from our Flickr pool for you to enjoy.

With thanks to Joel Rowbottom, John Barber (Crew Richmond), Dave Pearce and Yasin D for sharing their images in our Flickr pool.

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  • Andy

    Gahh – i hope the galleries on the new layout get fine tuned. Theyre really slow, and each image you select makes the while website refresh and all the UI keeps popping and shifting around.

    • MattFromLondonist

      It shouldn’t be doing any of those things – and isn’t on my computer. Which browser and device are you using, Andy?

      • Stefan

        If you click on the thumbnails, it works fine without refresh. However, if you click on a large picture to go to the next, it appears to refresh the whole page (and change scrolling position, which is the annoying bit). This is using Chrome 27 on a Win64 box.

        • MattFromLondonist

          Aha, cheers, yes…that’s a known bug we’re working on. For now, just click the thumbnails.

          • Andy

            Ah, right – works ok with thumbnails. Ill do that for now.

  • Andrew

    We were there doing some filming as well. Check out the highlights video for people that missed it.

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