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19 July 2013 | Food, General News | By: Zoe Craig

New Market Hall Opens At Borough Market

New Market Hall Opens At Borough Market

Pop to Borough for a Friday lunchtime treat today, and you'll see a striking new glass structure on the corner of Borough High Street and Bedale Street: Borough's new Market Hall.

While today's weather will probably have you searching out a shady corner while you munch your felafel / venison burger / hand-dived scallops (delete as appropriate), under less balmy skies, the Market Hall is going to provide an excellent place to sit, eat and relax.

However, the Market Hall is more than just a hang-out. It'll be used as a classroom, a kitchen and an orchard, growing hops, fruits, flowers, herbs, olives and salad leaves. As well as smelling lovely, the hope is that the space will be a stimulating and engaging place for educational programmes.

The Hall's architecture has been designed to maximise its potential as a space for growing plants: the glass allows as much light as possible to flood the space; there are vertical planters running up the pillars; and benches with more planting space at either end of the hall. The plants will be watered using a rainwater irrigation system. And all resulting produce will be used cooking demonstrations, tastings, workshops and, in the case of the hops, possibly even a Borough Market beer. Watch this (green) space.

For more info, visit boroughmarket.org.uk

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