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24 June 2013 | Film | By: M@

The Best Sopranos Episodes Ever, At The Book Club

The Book Club in Shoreditch is playing tribute to the late, great James Gandolfini with a Sopranos-themed evening on 2 July. The venue will be decked out New Jersey style, with 'food from The Soprano’s Family Cookbook, candy cigars and a few card games'. Leave your piece at home, though. The best three episodes from the series will be screened, and you can vote for them right now on the venue's Facebook page or tweet 'em.

The event runs on 2 July, 6.30-11.30pm, 100-106 Leonard Street, and entrance is free...just turn up. Those who crave the seediness of Bada Bing!...well, The Horns is just round the corner.


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