The Innards Of All Central London Tube Stations…Mapped

Over the past year, Londonist video maker Geoff Marshall and developer Matthew Frost have been quietly working away on a rather special project. Their Station Master app is already one of the best guides for getting around the capital, drilling down to such detail that it even tells you which train doors to use for the quickest interchange at any tube station. But it’s just been updated with a unique feature: three-dimensional maps of the tunnels, escalators, tracks, exits, lifts and concourses of every Zone 1 station, and some beyond.

The plans are not only fascinating in their own right, but also a helpful means to finding underground shortcuts, or a cunning lift or stairwell that can get you to the concourse quicker than the escalators. The maps are particularly helpful for those with special accessibility needs — you can check in advance which routes through the station have fewest steps, or where the lifts are.

Station Master takes tube geekery to a new level, maps that level, and shows you where the exits are.

Available now for Apple devices for just £1.99. Go get it now.

Note: all station maps are available in high resolution within the app, higher than shown here.

Londonist videos by Geoff Marshall

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  • jrb

    Why only on Apple? :( Please make it an Android app too!!

    • Andy

      Yeah – i did ‘like’ this post, but then unliked it when i found out it was only for Apple devices once again. Dont android phones outnumber apple ones these days?

      • MattFromLondonist

        There’s more to that story than absolute number of owners, though. Apple users spend more on apps. If you’re a tiny company and can only afford to develop for one format, there’s a strong case for making it Apple.

        • Chris

          Bah, Apple is so yesterday.

        • Paul Brocklehurst

          there’s a case for making it Apple first, but how about doing an Android version as well…(“shut up and take my money” :) ). I’ll pay in advance if you like, I’m sure many Android owners will.

        • Jonathan Wadman

          …and an Apple app is easier (and therefore cheaper) to develop because it has to work on far fewer platforms than an Android app.

          • Dean Nicholas

            iOS accounts for 75% of the paid-app market so it makes sense for now that smaller developers focus more on that platform.

          • Jordan Wall

            It’s that kind of thinking that is causing the problem – devs won’t make content for Android because they think that no-one will pay for it but we can’t pay for the apps because people aren’t making them

          • artigat1

            I would so give you my money right now, but I can’t. Most of my friends with iPhones are coming to Android now as it’s where most of the technological advances are. Hopefully the developers will see the trend and start abandoning the old and come over to Android too.

  • jpdouglas

    Related (if somewhat less comprehensive):

  • Lux_87

    Please please please make it for Android too!!!

  • fractos

    In before security clampdown. And Android version.

    • fractos


  • Peter Twist

    I’ve been waiting for ages for this app and downloaded it this afternoon only to be told that there is nothing at all interesting about my local station! However, very useful for deciding the right carriage to board in order to make a quick exit.

    • MattFromLondonist

      What’s your local, Peter? I bet we can think of something.

      • Peter Twist

        Euston Square

      • MattFromLondonist

        Ha, tricky one. Well, it has one of the capital’s largest sculptures hanging right over it in the Wellcome Trust. And Euston Square Station is an anagram of ‘squirt onto anus tease’. But other than that, I’m stumped. Geoff might have something.

    • dgbdgb

      My best fact is that it used to be called Gower Street before 1909.

      It’s where the Sherlock Holmes flat in the latest series was filmed, and North Gower Street is also where Dicken’s briefly lived (but then he lived pretty well everywhere in London). It’s also an area that saw the first passenger steam loco operate (Catch-me-who-can) Richard Trevithick ran the train around a circular track for passengers that paid 6d a ride in 1808 – site now under UCL. And of course Jeremy Bentham’s autoicon lives inside UCL and that’s something special.

  • Calmeilles

    I really want to see King’s Cross-St Pancras, but don’t have an appropriate device.

  • Geoff Marshall

    Euston Square, sure! This’ll be in the next update…

    It’s the only station in the Zone 1 area where you can enter/exit without touching in or out with your Oyster! Naughty … yes! But possible. On the southern side of the station (westbound trains) there is a lift for step-free access. Using that negates having to go through the barriers …

    • londona729

      Same with the lifts at Bank! I noticed that when walking from Bank to Monument one day!

  • JI

    Another call for this to be made for android phones. Useless to me at the moment as a non Apple user.

  • londona729

    I’ll buy it-once it’s on android! ( I understand why you chose apple first)

  • Tubeman

    Apple v android. Remember the android world is more varied different screen shapes different conventions. Apple world is more consistent. I’m sure if enough iOS users buy this they’ll make an and rip version. Also this needs doing for every metro system anywhere. But there is a security downside.