Pictures: London Made Out Of Food

We love London. We love food. But never before has it occurred to us to team the two together to create London images out of food. These are the only pictures we currently have to share with you (though we also loved this gingerbread Tate Modern), but we welcome reader submissions. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating one London landmark to get you started:

1. Cut the end off a gherkin

2. Place it upright on a level surface

3. It’s the Gherkin!

Thank you to Warburtons and Pizza Express for supplying the images. 

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  • Twilight_Librarian

    Do you know about Carl Warner – he did a London Skyline –

  • Myles Calvert

    Love this. I did toast art myself the past few years…
    Any silly comments about ‘wasted food’ should look into the cost of producing paper… 😉

  • Ju

    looks cool BUT don’t know if your mom never told you NOT TO PLAY WITH
    FOOD.. I think this art could have been built with other materials than
    with bread! there are people starving out there!!!!!

  • Bill Green