London Underground On Film: The Boy Who Turned Yellow

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London Underground On Film: The Boy Who Turned Yellow

It's a splendid clip but no, we don't know why either. Suggestions in the comments please.

The Boy Who Turned Yellow was the last feature film made by the distinguished duo of Powell and Pressburger. It is one of three films featured on a new volume of Children's Film Foundation tales, Weird Adventures, released on DVD by the BFI on 17 June 2013.

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Geoff Marshall

No idea on the yellow. But you can see it's Aldwych station that's been used both times - first to look like Chalk Farm, and then a 'nothing' identical station that they arrive at shortly after!


The film was made in 1972 and here's the plot, for what it's worth:

John and his class go on a school trip to the Tower of London. While he
is there he loses his pet mouse and vows to return and find her later.
Back in school, he is not very attentive and falls asleep during a
lesson about electricity so his teacher sends him home. On the 'tube'
there is a sudden flash, and John, the train and all of the passengers
turn yellow. With the help of Nick (short for 'Electronic') John learns
about electricity, invades the Tower of London and saves his pet mouse
... or was it a dream.