Jubilee Line To Partly Close Due To 'Acid Ingress'

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Jubilee Line To Partly Close Due To 'Acid Ingress'

Part of the Jubilee Line will close for a total of 30 days repair work, spread out over the next two years, TfL announced today. The section of line between Baker Street and Bond Street has been “affected by acid ingress” — in other words, naturally occurring ground water with an acidity similar to vinegar is leaching in and slowly eroding the tunnel walls.

The closures, from Finchley Road to Waterloo, will begin on Sunday 16 June, and again on August Bank Holiday, with a six-day shutdown over Christmas, plus late starts on 20 other Sundays. Caroline Pidgeon of the London Assembly is among those criticising the piecemeal closures. She questions weather 18 months of repeated closures might be more disruptive and expensive than a one-off 30-day closure over summer. Does she know something about the logistical pros and cons that the Tube's highly trained engineers and maintenance staff don't know?

Ian Visits has written an interesting piece explaining how acid erosion has long been a problem of the Underground network.

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Chas D

Highly trained engineers? Come on! It takes them a year to fix a simple escalator. An untrained chimpanzee do it a week.

Jon Millwood

I would agree with Caroline Pidgeon, for that section of the line closing for the whole of August wouldn't be a huge disruption and if they worked with crossrail might be beneficial at Bond Street


Closing the whole line for a month is a terrible idea. It's bad enough that it will have to close for numerous weekends (again) but taking the line out for commuter use is a disruption too far, IMO.