Giant Clouds Floating In St Pancras Station

A new piece of public art was unveiled at St Pancras station this morning. ‘Cloud : Meteoros’, by Lucy Orta, takes the form of two cuddly cumulus humilis, hanging from the roof of the station’s trainshed, with a group of grey figures arrayed on top in various poses.

Sayeth the artist:

“[the clouds represent] the intermediary between two worlds – between reality and the imagined, between heaven and earth, between lightness and gravity.”

For our money there’s something a little sinister about the figures, recalling the work of Juan Munoz (particularly his 2001 Tate Modern piece Double Blind). It should at least distract people arriving at St Pancras from The Lovers, Paul Day’s jejune statue of a couple embracing.

Cloud : Meteoros will be in place until the end of 2013.

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  • Albert Trinker

    It may also distract from Thatcher’s funeral being a waste of money…!

  • Nota Bene


  • Jarrett Owen

    Cool piece. Nice website too.