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22 March 2013 | By: Lindsey

The Friday Photos: London Donkeys

The Friday Photos: London Donkeys

We started the day with Animal Magic and got a sudden urge for donkeys. As Victoria pointed out earlier in the week, donkeys make everyone feel better. So, we mined the Flickrpool and found there really aren't enough donkey photos in there. Considering the number of city farms across the capital, there really should be more ass action. People, we plead with you, take more photos of donkeys.

In the meantime, the Friday photos are fewer than normal. And being sensible and not wanting to send you donkey doolally, we've included a sobering shot of the donkey sculpture from the animals in war memorial at Hyde Park.

Enjoy these jacks and jennies. May we see many more.

Many thanks to the excellent few photographers who shared their shots in the Londonist Flickrpool: Michael La Rocca, buckaroo kid, Ronald Hackston, psyxjaw, McTumshie  and Brron.


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James Cullen

Yes, donkeys are awesome! justdonkeys.com for lots of good donkey stuff!