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05 March 2013 | Art & Photography, Transport | By: M@

Londonist Underground Exhibition Opens At The Bishopsgate Institute

Londonist Underground Exhibition Opens At The Bishopsgate Institute

Our latest exhibition, showing works of art that depict subterranean London, opens today at the Bishopsgate Institute (230 Bishopsgate).

The 10 exhibited pieces were all submitted by Londonist readers. The works include paintings, drawings, photography and iPad art, some showing actual underground spaces, others entirely fictitious (and, in some cases, surreal).

The exhibition can be viewed free of charge at any time during the Bishopsgate Institute's opening hours. We've included six of the ten in the image gallery above, to give you a flavour.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to Tasmin Mazumder, Isher Dhiman, Viktor Németh, Nadja Ryzhakova, Stephen A Wood, Tanya Meditzky, Abi Daker, Matt Bannister, Tony Harrison and Daniel Fennings, our selected artists.

The Bishopsgate Institute's programme of subterranean-themed events continues till the end of April, and this exhibition will be open till at least then.


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