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07 February 2013 | By: Lindsey

Young Peregrine Falcon Takes A Shine To Alexandra Palace

Young Peregrine Falcon Takes A Shine To Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace local, Stephen Middleton, took these wonderful shots of the young male peregrine falcon which recently took up residency at the People's Palace.

He's been spotted down by the racetrack, swooping over the park and on various palatial perches and is much admired by local people, even when tucking into a pigeon for lunch.

Fascinated by the bird, Stephen looked into London peregrines, connecting with the London Peregrine Partnership on Twitter and found out that the Ally Pally peregrine is the sole offspring from last year of the breeding pair who hunt from the top of Tate Modern. Here'a photo of his dad.

He fledged on 6 June last year and those in the know say that the bird will have been out exploring London since the end of the summer, taking a temporary shine to the elevated viewpoint offered by Ally Pally. Park regulars hope he will stick around, find a mate, nest and breed but young males are wont to wander - peregrinate, indeed.

In the meantime, the important question of a name for the north London hunter has naturally arisen. London Peregrine Partnership say he's called Gus, after the gusty conditions on the day of his birth, and the RSPB say a people's poll named him Bradley. More aptly, though, a local birder has suggest rechristening him Alex.

To keep up with London peregrine spotting, follow Stephen @FriendsAllyPark, @LdnPeregrines and @FaBPeregrines on Twitter.

All photos by Stephen Middleton. This story was spotted on local website Bowes and Bounds Connected.


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