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Ten Illegal Things To Do In London

Ten Illegal Things To Do In London

Creative malcontents Tom Scott and Matt Gray recently had a very naughty day out in London, in which they attempted (and sort-of-succeeded) in breaking 10 silly laws. They carried a plank along a pavement, played knock-down ginger and — most scandalously and mellifluously of all — they flew a kite in a public place. Watch on...

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You'll have to change your name to the Dagerous Brothers , keep an eye out for The Sweeny chaps!!

John Sparks

Its Chester not York you set of cocks.


In York, excluding Sundays, it is perfectly legal to shoot a Scotsman with a bow and arrow.


book a hooker from Wendy d green ?


Fu for defacing that note

Jonathan Morley

Flew a kite in a pub......(cuts to next scene)

In a pub? Cool


I now have "we flew a kite in a public place" stuck in my head. Perhaps a single release is in order?


I thought I'd see that before... THREE YEARS ago. I don't mind recycling, but please keep published dates accurate Londonist so I can quickly see if it's old or not.