New Residential Tower For City Road Approved

The stretch of City Road between Old Street roundabout and Angel is shaping up to be quite the cluster of towers in the next few years, as the demand for apartments with views of the world-famous Silicon Roundabout and the buttock-shaped Bezier building rockets. Construction Enquirer reports that approval has been granted for the tallest yet: a 152m residential skyscraper, designed by Make Architects.

The 39-storey tower comprises 302 flats. It is oriented toward the roundabout and its form has a certain elegance, although the same can’t be said for the project’s adjacent, 10-storey office block, a clumsy design barely visible in the render above.

The render above shows two of the smaller schemes that are transforming the south end of City Road. Eagle House, on the left, has been stalled for some time, with a baleful concrete skeleton left exposed to the elements after the developer went bust (although it may be restarted after being bought out last year). Between the two is a diamond-shaped boutique hotel, while further up the road is another residential tower: the Canaletto, so named because of its proximity to the Regent’s Canal (obviously). On Twitter @the_max_doom described it as resembling “a load of paperclips round some fun size Mars bars”. We couldn’t possibly comment, although an increase in architectural language borrowing from chocolate bar motifs should be welcomed.

Aesthetically varied as these new skyscrapers are, they have little on this (sadly unrealised) Will Alsop scheme drawn up for the site some years. ago.

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  • Simon

    ‘world-famous Silicon Roundabout’? Are you really rebranding ugly, cyclist graveyard, Old Street Roundabout world-famous Silicon Roundabout?

  • MattFromLondonist

    I’m on holiday, so am having a week off from making bad puns. But if you’d like to have a go, consider the phrase ‘eye sore’ and that Moorfields Eye Hospital is just across the road.

  • James Guppy

    Look just the thing for super-rich middle East investors to buy and lease back at 15% IRR

  • Footprints of London

    City Road is a place lots of people have travelled along but not many people have an image of, its just a way of getting from A to B. Not surprising as it opened in 1761 as one of the worlds first bypasses, a quick way to get from the West End to the City and miss all the traffic in Holborn. With more and more people living there its about time it got on the map though. There are some really nice warehouse buildings either side of City Road and City Road Basin and Wenlock Basin make a mini Docklands area. Theres also a disused tube station, the old home of Gordons Gin, the oldest regiment in the army and a really nice swimming baths in the area. Plus its mentioned in a nursery rhyme which is pretty cool.
    Footprints of London are taking their first walk in the area on 20th April – see for details