London’s Getting A Cat Cafe

Beloved in the Far East, it looks like a cat cafe will be coming to East London after Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium reached its crowdfunding target.

The idea of a cat cafe, where people enjoy a drink and a cuddle with an obliging kitty, is big in cities where people work long hours, live in flats without much space and landlords who don’t like the idea of pet fur and destroyed furniture. A 15 minute scritching session can help reduce stress levels and just generally be quite brilliant.

The people who wanted to open London’s first cat cafe set a target of £108k to be met by 15 February; the total stood at over £109k last night. They’re working with the Mayhew Animal Home in Kensal Green who will help find the right kind of chilled-out cats and advise how best to look after them, and the Food Standards Agency and animal welfare and licensing officers at several East London boroughs have given the all clear. This is srs bsns.

Photo of Scooterworks in Lower Marsh, with resident cat, by trailerfullofpix from the Londonist Flickr pool. Note: we don’t know if this cat still lives there.

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  • Dave H

    Pretty sure the Scooter cafe has at least two cats in residence. Which is good, obviously.

    • Rachel Holdsworth

      Excellent – it’s just that the last time I wrote something about cats and pubs/cafes, half the cats featured had since died *wince*

    • doreen

      There’s only one cat now at Scooter Café, I think, as of the end of December, and that’s Bob, who is pictured above. He’s a major sweetheart! My boyfriend and I sat at his table (where he was napping) and after he woke up and sagely observed the goings-on outside, he did a stretch and let me pet his head, then he walked on my lap, where I pretty much exploded internally in OMG KITTEH joy.

  • Kathryn Louise Geels

    Yes, Scooter Cafe and What The Butler Wore – vintage shop on Lower Marsh – have resident cats. As too, The Grocery on Kingsland Road, E2 – he’s named ASBO – and 2&4 Gallery /cafe on Southgate Rd, N1. I miss having a pet cat so seeing them at cafes is the next best thing.

  • Pete Genower

    Bring it on. Mine’s a catuccino.