Plans For ‘Shoreditch Village’ Filed With Hackney Council

Plans have been filed with Hackney Council for a 150,000 sq ft development in Shoreditch. The project, dubbed Shoreditch Village, would be built on the old car-park opposite the Tea Building, currently beloved of street artists and fashion shoots.

The redevelopment, designed by architects Ellis Miller, would be mixed-use, with offices, a hotel, and a handful of new homes, propped up by ‘edgy, aspirational stores that typify the streets and culture of Shoreditch’. With construction unlikely to start until the end of next year, the nearby retail rival of Boxpark should be coming to the end of its enduring ‘pop-up’ tenure by the time the development is open for business.

Shoreditch Village would join nominative cousins Portman Village, Brixton Village, Connaught Village, Steele’s Village, Bellenden Village, Brackenbury Village and no doubt several others in our increasingly faux-hamletised city. If anyone ever asks you for directions, tell them that Shoreditch Village is next to Shoreditch’s Village Underground, which is close to Shoreditch Overground.

More details here.

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  • BethPH

    ‘Bellenden Village’? Oops.

    • Rachel Holdsworth

      Recently discovered that estate agents are trying to brand my manor as “Hither Green Village”. All the current residents present for that revelation threw up a little in their mouths.

      • Mark Walley

        At least estate agents didn’t decide that the area your name has had for a couple of hundred years isn’t very good and should be replaced with the American Noho to attract more investment.

        Estate Agents should probably just be banned from naming places.

  • slabman

    What a vile age we live in, that the word ‘village’ should be so despoiled. If I were a planner, I’d reject the development for it’s name alone.

    Call it instead, ‘Shoreditch Windswept Empty Plaza of Chain-stores with a Token Piece of Crap Public Art.’

    Hey developers – good luck whistling up those ‘edgy’ stores from Retail Central Casting. Why not install a flagship branch of Harris and Hoole while you’re at it.

    • MattFromLondonist

      Agreed about the name. But note, this is a fairly small-scale development on mostly derelict land, by a couple of families who’ve owned the land for several decades. It’s not the usual tale of big developer riding roughshod over an existing community.

  • Person

    I hate to sound ignorant, but I’m curious to know what you mean by the phrase ‘faux-hamletised’

    • MattFromLondonist

      Just playing with words to mean the building of false hamlets.

  • disqus_py7YJc52oF

    We do not need this.

    • lame

      We should probably focus on getting rid of some poverty, cleaning up the whole shoreditch bethnal green ghetto etc before building a ghost town shopping village….

      • emmawoodcock

        Ghetto in Bethnal Green, are you Cameron in disguise, kick out the poor and move in the rich?

  • SY

    Have they noticed how noisy the overground trains are on that bend? The answer is VERY VERY. Nice spot of railway viaduct to live under/next to. Good luck with the sound insulation. And good luck to the kind of TW*TS who think it’s possible to create a ‘Village’ in an inner city.

  • Joe

    Can your next post about this be a link to a page where I can disagree 100 times over.

  • Sally

    Isn’t this the same site where Hackney Borough Council located their “Hackney House” tent during the Olympics? All seems a bit chummy…

  • emmawoodcock

    yawn, ‘Shoreditch Village’ – hilarous! it was edgy and fun 12 years ago, now developers like this think they can make it ‘cool’ erm… no they think it will make them seem ‘cool’, you can’t buy that! The whole area is too gentrified and hipsters don’t hang out there anymore, its for the weekenders, and who will be able to afford the rent on homes and businesses… yup city boys… who wants to hang out with them in posh hotels, nah not for me!

  • Shoreditch_does_not_need_this

    Next they’ll be needing to clean up the street art that creates the atmosphere and what brings people to the area. Don’t we have enough bland brand stores around as it is? Rents will go up so only the high street generic brands will be able to afford to be here. dread to think how much worse Shoreditch’s clientele will become because of a shopping village!

  • T

    I live nearby and got a letter from Hackney describing the proposed development, which includes a 40-storey residential tower. Why isn’t it mentioned here or depicted in the renderings?

    • MattFromLondonist

      Sure that’s the same place? There are plans for a 40 storey tower a little down the road, but not here as far as I know.