Lambeth Lib Dems Call For South London Monorail

Dean Nicholas
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Lambeth Lib Dems Call For South London Monorail

As reported by London SE1, a comment piece on the Lambeth Liberal Democrats website has called for the Northern Line Extension (NLE) from Kennington to Battersea Power Station to be abandoned in favour of a monorail.

The anonymous article dismisses the Tube extension as "barmy, wasteful of resources and needlessly expensive" and suggests that a monorail, running from Waterloo via Vauxhall to North Haverbrook Battersea, would be more beneficial to local residents. The article claims the monorail could be "attached to the existing railway viaduct", much as the now-kyboshed SkyCycle plan proposed. Warming to the theme, the writer(s) then suggest that the scheme could somehow be linked to the Docklands Light Railway.

With the Government committed to the NLE and monorails being mostly the stuff of Buckminster Fuller cityscapes and chronically catchy jingles, there's little chance this idea will ever get off the ground, though it's not the only quixotic transport scheme for south London we've heard of recently: see last year's plan for a tram between London Bridge and Denmark Hill.

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Skycycle sounds like a great idea! I would def cycle more if it wasn't for all the cars....

Andrea Vail

But will it connect up with Brockway and Ogdenville?

Marc Baylis

I hear those things are awfully loud...

Andy Brice

Do monorails actually have any advantage over conventional light rail? Or is this just politicians playing at being engineers again?


The ring came off my pudding can!

Laurence Scales

The monorail pictured was kept upright by gyroscopes and was the invention of Louis Brennan who saw it as something that could cheaply span the outback. Sounds ideal for Nine Elms.


A suspended monorail systems has the track totally enclosed so therefore is not susceptible to poor weather. Also a monorail on pylons has a much smaller footprint than road or rail, does not create a barrier needing bridges and special crossings and can be easily built along existing routes.

Want to see one. Watch Farenheight 451.


Take a look at this link :